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MOVON Corporation has specialized in developing, engineering, testing products in the automotive industry.

Find out our latest Advanced Driver Assistance Technology here

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Safe Driving, Saves Lives

Movon Advanced Driver Assistance System will help you stay safe.
Our Lane Departure Warning, Forward Collision Warning, and Pedestrian Collision Warning
are approved in Israel, Korea, and Japan as an ADAS that complies performance standards.

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Bluetooth powered
wireless technology

We design, manufacture and market Bluetooth enabled communication products to meet the global market needs. With high standard of style and technology, we consider our product to be more than just a device. We consider it to empower your business and enhance your mobile life freely. .

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Automotive electronics
testing laboratory

Certified lab in Korea from General Motors, Ford,
Jaguar Land Rover, FCA, Volkswagen, BMW,Hyundai, KIA, Volvo

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