Movon Driver Assistance System

Movon Driver Assistance System(MDAS) leaps to a new vehicle safety paradigm
with image recognition camera that detects lanes and vehicles on the road.

Movon Driving Assistance System (MDAS) is developed with state-of-the-art computer image processing technologies for safe and comfortable driving environments.

MDAS algorithms provide applications:

Lane Departure Warning system (LDW) uses a computer vision algorithm to provide reliable lane detecting performance in various road conditions. LDW recognizes different types of lane markings such as solid, dots, double markings as well as different colors: white, yellow, and blue. The application alerts the driver with sound and visual warnings when the vehicle departs from its lane unintentionally or provides early warning when the vehicle goes within a preset distance of lane marks.

Forward Collision Warning System uses a monocular vision camera installed on the windshield and a color image sensor with a robust algorithm that Movon developed for various driving conditions. The system recognizes vehicle and non-vehicle images through the algorithm and calculates distances and relative speed for Time To Collision (TTC) it alerts the driver with sound and visual warnings when the host car is approaching a car ahead too quickly or where a potential collision exists


  • PCW

    Provides the driver with a warning in critical situations when there is a pedestrian existing in front of the vehicle’s pathway.

  • FCW

    Provides the driver with a warning in critical situations where a collision is impending.

  • LDW

    Provides lane departure warning for safe driving. It alerts the driver of sound and visual warnings and helps to regain direction if the host vehicle departs lanes unintentionally.

  • FVSA

    Notifies the driver if the front vehicle starts to move forward from 0 speed (complete stopped status) and the host vehicle is not moving within 2 seconds.

  • FPW

    Notifies the driver when there is a vehicle existing in the detection range.

  • DVR

    Records scenes before and after an accident along with imminent crash situations. DVR function records data into micro SD card every minute in a loop.

ADAS Application description

ADAS Application description

ADAS Application description


MDAS has been tested with following institutes in accordance with ECE-130, ECE-131, Israel and Korean regulations.

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