Basic ADAS solution for everyone

Cost-effective basic ADAS

▪ FCWS mitigates or prevents rear-end collision. (Recognizes Passenger Vehicle, SUVs, Trucks, Buses, etc.)
▪ LDWS prevents unintended lane departure due to drowsy or distracted driving. (Recognizes solid, dashed, double, white, yellow, etc.)
▪ Certified ADAS system by Israel Ministry of Transport and Safety, and Korea Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.


  • FCW

    Provides the driver with a warning in critical situations where a collision is impending.

  • LDW

    Provides lane departure warning for safe driving. It alerts the driver of sound and visual warnings and helps to regain direction if the host vehicle departs lanes unintentionally.

  • FPW

    Notifies the driver when there is a vehicle existing in the detection range.

  • FVSA

    Notifies the driver if the front vehicle starts to move forward from 0 speed (complete stopped status) and the host vehicle is not moving within 2 seconds.

  • DVR

    Records scenes before and after an accident along with imminent crash situations. DVR function records data into micro SD card every minute in a loop.

Tested with

  • Korea Transportation Safety Authority
  • Israel Ministry of Transport and Road Safety
  • TASS International With ECE-130
  • Korea automotive technology institute

Product Specification


Cortex A7 Dual Core

Front Camera

1920 x 1080


DC 10V ~ 24V, MAX 36V

DVR spec

Storage: 4~32GB MicroSD card supported
Mode: Loop / Event / User (in AVI file)

Input / Output

Micro 5pin USB port, MicroSD card slot, GPS port, Video out


Operation | -20 ℃ ~ 70℃ (-4℉ ~ 158℉)
Storage | -40 ℃ ~ 85℃ (-40℉ ~ 185℉)

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